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The formation of the Overseas Chapter of the Institution of Engineers Bangladesh (Singapore), or OCIEBS, was a landmark in recognizing engineers of Bangladesh origin working in Singapore.

Given the number of Bangladeshi engineers in the country, the formation of this chapter was long overdue. The present initiative to form an overseas chapter of the Institution of Engineers Bangladesh (IEB) in Singapore came from Engr Serajul Majid Mamoon (who was then the Chairman of Chemical Engineering Division, IEB) during one of his private visits to Singapore. A meeting of engineers from Bangladesh working or pursuing higher studies in Singapore was called on April 17, 2004 at his request where a PROTEM Committee was formed to steer the approval process from the relevant local authorities. Accordingly, a constitution was drafted and a formal application for registering OCIEBS was submitted to the Registry of Societies (RoS), Ministry of Home Affairs, Singapore. The constitution was drafted in light of the IEB constitution and the guidelines provided by RoS. Upon receiving formal approval from RoS for the formation of OCIEBS on September 27, 2004, its first Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on October 30, 2004 during which the first Management Committee of OCIEBS was elected.

Aims and Objectives

The core aim of OCIEBS has been to unite Bangladeshi engineers in Singapore and enable them to work together from this newly formed platform to promote their professional image in Singapore and contribute to the prospects of techno-economic development in Bangladesh as well as Singapore.


Representing the collective identity of Bangladeshi Engineers in Singapore

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