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Representing the collective identity of Bangladeshi Engineers in Singapore

Since its establishment, the aim of OCIEBS has been to unite Bangladeshi Engineers in Singapore and enable them to work together from this formed platform to promote their professional image in Singapore and contribute to the prospects of techno-economic development in Bangladesh as well as in Singapore.
OCIEBS is registered under the Registry of Societies (ROS) of Singapore. This organization includes all disciplines of Engineering. Currently, it has in its roll more than 140 Engineers. Like its parent organization IEB, OCIEBS has been promoting and disseminating knowledge and practice of Engineering and Science from the very beginning.  It has also been planning to work relentlessly to establish collaboration and co-operation with the other professional bodies in Singapore.

Jamuna Bridge Bangladesh (Image courtesy:

From Idea to Reality: The Formation of Overseas Chapter of the Institution of Engineers Bangladesh (Singapore)

The formation of the Overseas Chapter of the Institution of Engineers Bangladesh (Singapore), or OCIEBS, was a landmark in recognizing engineers of Bangladesh origin working in Singapore.

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