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Technical Seminar on Crane Lifting Safety

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Date: 10th June 2023

Speaker: Islam Md Golam Shariful


Synopsis: Crane lifting operation, is seemed as one of the most challenging tasks that requires a consistent vigilant throughout the entire job life cycle. Lack of attention either during planning or execution stage may end up with significant loss in safety & productivity. In recent years remarkable loss observed from crane lifting operation in the industry. Crane lifting operation has become the 4th contributor in workplace fatal incidents. In the most recent years (2022) 6 fatal incident was counted from crane lifting operation.

It is believed that going “BACK TO THE BASIC” in crane lifting safety all the incidents can be prevented and significant improvement can be achieved.

Speaker’s Biography: Islam Md Golam Shariful, has been working as WSH professional as his key role for more than a decade. Besides his key role, he has also played a vital role as crane lifting specialist for about a decade. He, being a WSH trainer, has been conduction training for the industry to share his knowledge in safe crane lifting operation.

He has studied in Asian University in BBA and migrated in Singapore in 2007 as a construction supervisor. Since then, he started his journey to understand the industry and continued to boost his knowledge. He was engaged in crane lifting operation since 2008 and continued to upgrade himself though performing challenging lifting operations and attending multiple trainings related to crane lifting operation. He has also completed his specialist diploma in WSH from SISO and registered himself as WSHO in 2015.

Besides his role as WSH officer, he was also appointed as Crane Lifting Specialist in JAC in 2014 and played a vital role to ensure in safe lifting operation. He has ensured zero incident during the entire period.

Major Projects Involvement:

• Mega Construction of Jurong Aromatic Complex

• Construction & Commissioning of Jurong Aromatic Complex (JAC)

• Singapore Hydro Desulfurization Project

• Plant Major Turn Around in ExxonMobil 2009, 2018, 2020

To get the presentation slide, please click on the below link.

Back To The Basic (Crane Lifting Operation)
Download PDF • 2.74MB

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